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Made in small batches. 100% free of harmful chemicals.
Organic plant-based with therapeutic essential oils to nourish the skin.


Essential Oils

The essential oils that I use in my cosmetics are Young Living, Divine Essence and Ananda. There are many companies that do not have the quality control that I believe these companies possess. Young Living is one of my favourites because they have their own farms and cultivate their oils under the "Seed to Seal" quality control. I have personally tested these oils for years and have never had any issues with them. I have done workshops where allergies were a huge issue but there were no allergies whats so ever with Young Living Essential oils. 

Esskin products are made and sold at the Lotus Centre 52 Prescott St. St John's, Nl. 

Esskin is a line of natural cosmetics made in St. John’s Newfoundland, by Esther Squires who is a certified  Aromatologist from the Institute of Aromatology (UK).

Esskin products are 100% chemical free. Esther created a line of cosmetics that are not only pure and safe, they produce beautiful results. The ingredients in Esskin products are all natural, plant-based and holistic.

Most cosmetics on the market are full of toxins. Esther wanted quality products without the health risks and so developed her own cosmetic line which are more effective than commercial products. Esskin products are good for you, healthy and stunningly effective.

Esskin products are made form 100% pure and organic essential oils, which have therapeutic value and a pleasant scent without artificial perfumes.

Free shipping and delivery in St.John's!


I live in the Persian Gulf region (Qatar), which has an extremely arid climate, which is tough on the skin. I am also allergic to perfume. Much to my surprise ESSKIN does not irritate—in fact it smells wonderful. The lipstick is THE BEST lipstick I've purchased in 30 years. Try ESSKIN. Your body will thank you for it.
Maggie B
Doha, Qatar


Esther Squires' inspired line of Esskin beauty products are a welcome arrival in my life. For some time, I've been mystified by how many unnatural ingredients there are in so-called 'natural' skin-care products. Esskin genuinely uses 100% pure ingredients. The result is happy hair and skin. My favourite products are the Sweet Almond and Argan Moisturiser and the Shine-On Shampoo and Conditioner. What a treat for the body!

Jen Davies Kootenays B.C.

Shine-on Shampoo is the best shampoo I have ever used. My hair feels and looks clean, shiny and full of body. Thank you for making these exceptional pure and natural products!"

Anita Singh St.John’s

I love Esskins all natural cosmetic products! I use the shampoo on my two children who have very sensitive, eczema-prone skin. The lipstick has a great texture and the colours are beautiful. It is great knowing that this trustworthy product is chemical free and all natural.

Gina Noordhof St.John’s

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