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​Organic Body Care

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A blend of 9 therapeutic essential oils that act as a natural deodorant and will naturally detoxify the body, stimulate the immune system and also help to eliminate the petro chemicals that may already be stored in the body.


                                                     50ml       $16


Sunshade for the face

A historic blend of sesame oil, carrot root oil, aloe vera gel, lavender, roman chamomile, myrrh and patchouli that protect the skin from sun damage. This non-greasy formula also contains active natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that deflect the sun’s harmful rays.

​                                                      100 ml  $ 23   
Shine-on Shampoo

Blended with essential oils of rosemary and peppermint with added horsetail and nettle extracts for luxurious, soft hair.

​​                                                    250ml       $20
Shine-On Jojoba Conditioner

A blend of seaweed extracts and nettle to nourish and balance hair’s PH leaving it soft and manageable.

                                                                         250ml       $20     

Cocoa Butter Hand Cream


A blend of sweet almond oil, calendula oil, cocoa butter and therapeutic essential oils to soothe dry and irritated hands.

Available in Sweet Orange & Vanilla or Lavender


                                                                            100 ml  $23

Sweet Orange & Vanilla


Castile Soaps

$10/130ml Plain

$12/130ml Specialized


Activated Charcoal + Red Moroccan Clay with Birch essential oil for acne prone skin

Kaolin and Red Moroccan Clay with Rosemary Essential oils for detoxifying and  deep cleansing

I make a variety of different Castile soaps. Here are two that are available now. I also have soaps that are scent free. The only ingredient is Olive Oil! The specialized soaps are $12 and for plain scented or unscented $10. 

Activated Charcoal              $12

   Kaolin and Red Moroccan      $12

Plain scented or unscented $10

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